I did a sketch of the new Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan! The first issue just came out, and it rules!

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Just read Ms Marvel. It was fantastic & SO PRETTY! Other people have probably been saying this since Wednesday, but I was really struck by how much her outfit (other than the Ms Marvel lighting bolt) looked like a Captain America homage. I like to think that she lives the stealth cosplay life every day & has outfits for like the whole Avengers roster

My super awesome friends picked up this weeks comics for me & brought them to the hospital today so I have a chance to read Ms Marvel #1 before they inject my brain with radioactive shit tomorrow - pretty sure once I Hulk out my giant hands are going to have trouble turning the pages.

In other news, being a cyborg is NOT as much fun as they make it out to be. Sure, SOMETIMES you get to watch them use the silver suitcase full of flashing lights to reprogram the thing in your head & SOMETIMES you get scanned by a giant Cylon but if tomorrow’s radioactive-stuff-in-my-brain test doesn’t go well I’m up for my third brain surgery in 18 months. Brain surgery REALLY messes with the care & keeping of my Alternative Lifestyle Haircut.

Can’t a lesbian cyborg just live a quiet life in the suburbs with her magical girlfriend & their unicorns?!


  • Who is the new Ms. Marvel, and what makes her different?
  • G. Willow Wilson: The Ms. Marvel mantle has passed to Kamala Khan, a high school student from Jersey City who struggles to reconcile being an American teenager with the conservative customs of her Pakistani Muslim family. So in a sense, she has a “dual identity” before she even puts on a super hero costume. Like a lot of children of immigrants, she feels torn between two worlds: the family she loves, but which drives her crazy, and her peers, who don't really understand what her home life is like. This makes her tough and vulnerable at the same time. When you try to straddle two worlds, one of the first things you learn is that instead of defending good people from bad people, you have to spend a lot of time defending good people from each other. It's both illuminating and emotionally brutal. That's what makes this book different.


"Wouldn’t it be really great to have a superhero for all those little girls who grew up just like you did, and who are growing up today, just like you are?"


So I’m becoming an All Kamala Khan All The Time blog, at least until I’ve reblogged every single thing in the tag. I’d apologise, but I’m SO NOT SORRY.


POC Ms. Marvel, aka Carol Danvers.

Pretty damn sure this pony is actually Carol Danvers

Her mane makes me think of Carol as Binary

AKA Jessica Jones’s TV adaptation is still on the cards, despite ABC passing up the pilot.
Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg has revealed that the Marvel Comics-inspired project is likely to be pitched to alternate networks in a bid to find a new home for it.
“I did the Jessica Jones pilot, but they didn’t pick it up to pilot. The studio still owns it, and I think we’re going to go shop it around to some other outlets to see. So, that’s on hold,” she told Collider.
The proposed AKA Jessica Jones series is to be set within the Marvel Studios movie universe, following the adventures of Jewel (Jessica Jones), Power Man and Ms Marvel.


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Favorite Comic Friendships: Carol Danvers and Steve Rogers (aka now Captains Marvel and America)

I henceforth name this duo ALL CAPS

ALL CAPS!!!!!!

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