Hulk Mash!


(I am at my sister’s house, meeting my five-month-old niece for the first time. My sister, her boyfriend and I are talking about superheroes, whilst feeding my niece some mushed peas.)

Me: “I prefer Marvel heroes. Iron Man and the Hulk are my favourite!”

Sister’s Boyfriend: “I totally agree!”

Sister: “No way! DC heroes are way better! BATMAN FOREVER!”

(We then proceed to get into a heated debate about which superhero is the best, and stop paying much attention to my niece.)

Sister: “I’m telling you, Batman is t—”

Niece: “HULK!”

(We look over, and my niece has rubbed the pea mixture all over herself and has both arms raised above her head in triumph.)

Sister: “Oh my God!”

Sister’s Boyfriend & I: *stand and applaud*

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This story cooooould be true (lord knows, kids love the Hulk!) but definitely not with a five-month-old. </killjoy>

Hulk Bookcase by WhittledInWood on Etsy

This is a thing of beauty & perfection & I’ll smash anyone who says otherwise.

I love it when comics happen in Australia & the writers try to guess our slang. Just saw “Abbies” used as a derogatory term for Indigenous people.

On the other hand, the Hulk becomes PM later in this comic, so it’s all good.


Point to the lady with the pheromones. (Avengers Assemble #9)

hee hee heeeeee

(via secretdogs)

That time when Hulk was Australian PM.



Few know that Black Panther actually jammed many times with Fela Kuti





Come and check out the updated Comics Vault, now with music!


This is amazing! How have I never seen this before?


Luke Cage on bass? Haw haw haw!



I am actually having trouble choosing my favourite bit of this whole thing.

My favourite is Cap on the tambourine. Cap/Round Things OTP


This print-back sketch is for someone who requested Hawkeye and the Hulk as a drag act! I deliver.

(Everyone who requested Hulkeye for their doodles is my favorite.)


STAN LEE, CENTERFOLD (photograph by Eliot R. Brown)
When Stan Lee visited New York in January 1983, the editorial staff was at the peak of its yuk-yuk, hand-buzzer giddiness. They’d been shooting photos of each other in superhero costumes for some of the covers—several staff members appeared on the cover of the last issue of SPIDER-WOMAN—and now they were putting together a comic that consisted wholly of photos of intra-office h
ijinks. They wanted to include Stan the Man. Lee, the original ringmaster, jumped at the chance to pose for a nude centerfold. Marvel staffers photographed Lee with an oversize comic book covering his private parts; soon after, they received a call from his assistant in L.A. “Stan is wild,” said the assistant. “He should not have been naked for your centerfold. Please. Don’t.” (A Hulk costume was later superimposed over Lee’s body in postproduction.)


Olympics-2012: Avengers by scargeear

BTW Opening ceremony was GREAT! ♥ Danny Boyle was the artistic director ♥♥♥ I love that man… ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥



SDCC- Aww-semble

Seriously, people. Why on earth aren’t you following my partner? LOOK AT THIS!! Look what you’re missing!



So cute!…