This a reminder that Disney consulted a jet propulsion lab and a twin studies psychologist as research for their recent straight-to-video Tinkerbell movie in which Tink finds out she has a twin.

Because Disney does not fuck around.

Apparently that Jet Propulsion Lab is connected to NASA & built the Mars Rover. Oh Disney, way to raise the bar!

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It’s Who Week! We start off with an order I got this week from Baby Mason and his Whovian parents who wanted to celebrate his 3rd birthday is true who style.

With a Winnie the Pooh/Doctor Who crossover cake! I just love crossover cakes.

The quality parent’s wanted the cake based on this T-shirt (Which I had trouble tracking down, but eventually found the true artist. Thanks, Google Images!)

They also thought Tigger needed a companion- So in steps Piglet the crafty Dalek, made from things he found around his house.

Tigger and Piglet are free standing fondant/chocolate figures and the POLISE BOCS is made from chocolate-hazelnut cake with tri-chocolate buttercream.

More photos in the Facebook album!

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SDCC- Aww-semble

Seriously, people. Why on earth aren’t you following my partner? LOOK AT THIS!! Look what you’re missing!