Saying what’s wrong is only part of it. Saying what’s right completes the idea.


In Less Tits ‘n Ass, More Kickin’ Ass, I want to make people aware of the problems in how women can be represented in comics, and offer solutions to make things better. The problem is that a blog like that concentrates the problematic content into a same place. Thing is, it’s not all bad. I’m starting this sister blog to lesstitsnass in order to highlight the times when it’s done right, when it looks good, when it feels empowering to see a woman in comics. 

I want to showcase great art, cool representation of women in comics, be they sexy, sexual, kicking ass, lounging after a day of superheroing, or any combination of the above and more! I want this to be a place where we rejoice when things are awesome, so we can focus all the positive into a place and show the media and creators, “This. You see this stuff? This is what we want. This is what we’re talking about. Please give us more of this.” 

I can’t do this alone. This is where you come in, dear readers! I would love for you to submit the really cool, fun, good, moving, awesome art you find so we can build this showcase. I know we can make this happen! 

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Happy Birthday Cliff Chiang!


Today is the birthday of one of my favorite comic artists - Cliff Chiang. I’m lucky to own two pieces by him.

Wonder Woman, of course


And a combo Batgirl and Oracle.


I’ve met Cliff a few times and he always a joy to speak with. So let’s all wish him a happy day and let’s revel in some of his other wonderful portraits of DC women.




Birds of Prey!


Babs as Prince! (I’ve got an autographed one of these)







One of things I appreciate about Cliff is ability to dress women realistically and wearing clothing from the current decade:


Here are Barbara Gordon, Zatanna and Wonder Woman out for a night on the town.


Zatanna on a couch. I have those boots.


Wonder Woman out for the night.

And finally maybe my favorite Chiang piece:



Chris O’Donnell Still Has His Robin Costume From ‘Batman And Robin’

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Are you all going to disown me & take away my Lesbian & Nerd Cards if I admit that “Batman & Robin” is my favourite Batman film & that I majorly fancied Chris O’Donnell as Robin


sad soldier cuddle puddle

based on these tweets from earlier: 










( issue #1 variant by amanda conner )

Q: Let’s talk about Jen Walters as a character. What do you find most interesting about her? Which aspects of her personality are you especially interested in exploring?

A: One of my favorite things about Jen is that she sees the fun side to being a superhero. She doesn’t look at her bright green skin and consider herself a freak — she thinks it’s something that makes her special, unique. It’s always fun to write characters with a good attitude. 

Charles Soule on the new She-Hulk solo series releasing in February

It’s Single Female Lawyer (also a Hulk) the comic and I could not be happier.

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If y’all weren’t already reading Dumbing of Age after my recent plugs of it for sensitive treatment of people from diverse religious backgrounds I thought you might like to know it just introduced a trans character too! I don’t know how much we’ll be seeing of her (she’s the sister of the main character, but doesn’t attend the College the comic is set at) but her introduction was pretty great and, you know, YAY MORE TRANS PEOPLE IN MY COMICS!

Edit: BUT DON’T READ THE COMMENTS ON THE COMIC THAT REVEALS HER GENDER IDENTITY! OH GOD DON’T DO IT. For some unknown reason I did & 30 seconds later wanted to burn the internet to the ground.





I know this tumblr is supposed to be for my art only, but I’ve been thinking it’s time to streamline things, and this one has the most followers, and I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW ABOUT THIS THING RACHEL IS DOING BECAUSE I AM VERY VERY EXCITED ABOUT IT.

So, er, yeah. BEYOND. Check it out.

This sounds pretty awesome actually. Not sure how/if I can contribute or help out, but I’m certainly dropping a line to see if I can in any way.

Anyone want to team up? a I’m a writer, but have limited art skill.

Signal boosting to see if anyone wants to Art for fishyintent :)

The article talks about this as though it’s making lightsabers real, but I think it sounds more like the hard-light constructs you see in comic books & I think that’s pretty damn cool!

(It’s really hard to find a picture of Cap with his hard-light shield!)



By Andy Khouri

In a move certainly not timed to undermine the attention focused tonight’s debut of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, news has broke that Warner Bros. Television and Fox are moving forward with a new television series based on DC Comics’ Batman characters. Titled Gotham, the police drama will focus on James Gordon long before he became the city’s police commissioner and Dark Knight confidant; when he was just a detective investigating what Deadline reports will be some of Gotham’s most famous criminals.

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…of course.

How ridiculous to do something that will be so easy to directly compare to Agents of Shield! And also - WHERE IS OUR WONDER WOMAN MOVIE?

That being said, if this show has Renee Montoya in a leading role it will be…about the first good thing DC has done in a very long time



Avengers #25

Same, Pietro.


Watch as the Avengers defeat Doom through the powers of interpretive dance!


DC Collectibles Solicitations For November 2013

By Caleb Goellner

This winter is going to be a solid season for DC Collectibles fans and the letter “S” as there’ll be a lot of Suicide Squad, Shazam!, (crime) Synidcate, Scribblenauts UnmaskedSuper Best Friends Forever, and smooching going on. From about December through February DCC will be rolling out items including a Jim Lee style Hush statue featuring Batman and Catwoman getting romantic, plus new Crime Synidcate, Suicide Squad and Shazam! action figures. Fans who weren’t able to pick up the SDCC exclusive SBFF box set will also have a more or less second chance at the sculpts with special figure-topped Batgirl, Wonder Girl and Super Girl storage boxes, each of which come with swappable faceplates for multiple display expressions. As for Scribblenauts Unmasked, DCC will roll out 11 blindboxed figures, each standing 2.25” tall. You can get a look at these offerings and more from the full list of DCC November solicitations after the jump.

What’s the bet Wonder Woman’s going to be the only female character in those Scribblenauts Unmasked blind boxes rendering the whole line 90.9% completely uninteresting to me? The idea is super cute, but more women »»»» Batman the Vampire Slayer or Shiny Gold Superman or whoever the hell those two other dudes on the right are