Saying what’s wrong is only part of it. Saying what’s right completes the idea.


In Less Tits ‘n Ass, More Kickin’ Ass, I want to make people aware of the problems in how women can be represented in comics, and offer solutions to make things better. The problem is that a blog like that concentrates the problematic content into a same place. Thing is, it’s not all bad. I’m starting this sister blog to lesstitsnass in order to highlight the times when it’s done right, when it looks good, when it feels empowering to see a woman in comics. 

I want to showcase great art, cool representation of women in comics, be they sexy, sexual, kicking ass, lounging after a day of superheroing, or any combination of the above and more! I want this to be a place where we rejoice when things are awesome, so we can focus all the positive into a place and show the media and creators, “This. You see this stuff? This is what we want. This is what we’re talking about. Please give us more of this.” 

I can’t do this alone. This is where you come in, dear readers! I would love for you to submit the really cool, fun, good, moving, awesome art you find so we can build this showcase. I know we can make this happen! 

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Fantasy lizard people where the females don’t have breasts they just figured out that bras are perfect for holding heat packs.

Fantasy lizard people where the males figured this out too and can’t understand why humans keep mistaking them for females because obviously they have five brow spikes not six like females do??

I have a dire need for this.


I tried

omg it’s so cute

always reblog lizard people

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sad soldier cuddle puddle

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Hey ya’ll! I was reading a post today by toomanystarstocount where she made a piece of artwork and was “annoyed/disappointed” because her hand shook a lot while creating it and some of the paint smudged. As an artist with a neurological…

This post is great! Yay accessibility! I wonder if that stabilising spoon tech from the other day will include a pen attachment one day? Would that even work, or would the movements required to write or draw confuse the sensors?

Obviously I’m not an artist, but I definitely want to get back to doing colouring in this year - I think it helped a lot with regaining my visual acuity after my brain injury & I’m hoping it will help with both my anxiety & my fine motor skills/dealing with my tremor.

I used to scoff a bit at the idea of art therapy (probably at least partly because colouring between the lines is the pinnacle of my artistic abilities & I’m a jealous sort) but then I actually did some while I was in the Psych hospital a few years ago & it was great! I definitely recommend that people try art (even if it’s just making all the characters in the Avengers colouring in book look like drag queens like I do) for pretty much anything that ails you.

(It was certainly much better for me than music therapy [which I tried ONCE] because there was absolutely no pressure - I know my limits with art, whereas with music I always (and still!) expect myself to be professional performance standard at all times. Obviously, not everyone has my neuroses & in general I highly recommend music therapy as well. Pretty much any creative therapy. I’d love to do some dance classes if I could find some which catered to people with low mobility!)

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i saw Star Trek and I wish the whole movie had been about them being a super fashionable space biker gang with their space-leather jackets.

Don’t we all!


Over four years, the artist Xu Bing produced a series of books and scrolls called Book From The Sky.  The volumes contain four thousand ”false” Chinese characters invented by the artist, and then painstakingly hand-cut onto wooden printing blocks.

To someone who reads Chinese, each of the characters is supposed to be unreadable but tantalisingly familiar, as if it were some real but obscure character they may have forgotten.

Uhura by Mike Maihack

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Rachel’s Ride by ~adventurevisual

Dino’s gotta get exercise, winter be damned. 

Well, now I know what I want to be when I grow up!


more Hawkeye Initiative, I’m sure this one’s been done a few times but I really can’t pass it up xD 
based off this 

This is my fave Hawkeye Initiative pic so far I think


more Hawkeye Initiative, I’m sure this one’s been done a few times but I really can’t pass it up xD 

based off this 

This is my fave Hawkeye Initiative pic so far I think

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