It went SO WELL that I can already feel some of its improvements. The last time they tried this particular surgery it sent wrong & I woke up almost completely blind & stayed that way for a few months. This time I woke up with my eyesight sharper, my crushing headache gone & the ability to be in a normal lit room without sunglasses on!

The nurses even called Robyn to tell her where & how I was this time - which they didn’t last time because while she is listed as my Next of Kin, we live together & she’s my primary carer she isn’t “Family” because we’re not allowed to get married & this is a Catholic Hospital (There may have been some policy changes at this hospital recently though - I had a Trans nurse last night!)

Recovery will be difficult, partly because BRAIN SURGERY and partly because I have a number of other disabilities - I need to have more, completely unrelated, surgery in the next few months. I’m in a lot of pain, had my PTSD triggered when they had to call in a GROUP of doctors & nurses to get a catheter in me and I’ve developed an allergic reaction to a previously really great pain killer.

But I have Robyn, I have my amazing friends, I have Carol Corps, I have Carol herself & you all make me strong enough to beat ANYTHING!

Much love to you all! And so many thanks. When I can fly again
I’ll be flying for you.