the desperate housewives edition…

[photoset of two people standing in front of a house. one is a fat nonbinary korean wearing a blue cropped “US NAVY” shirt and a pair of metallic teal bootyshorts. they are standing in the foreground holding a broom and suggestively stroking the handle. the other person is a slim, nonbinary white person wearing a tight black halter dress and high heels. ze is watching the other person, intrigued.]

nothing about this shoot went as planned. i had a bad fall the day before, and was in a total mood, not to mention the sun is much much much brighter in california and we were having trouble working around the glare. but we persevered and have a few fabby photos to show for it. i like these because of the reference to but i’m a cheerleader.

anyone who reblogs this & doesn’t respect our pronouns will have fifty points deducted from their house.

I want everything in these photos, but especially those shorts!

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